Concept Mashup 1.0: Pulling Things Together

A list of integrated references, articles or posts that can be contextually intellectualized holistically and stylistically.

1.  Sponsornomics.

2.  Remidi-(R)evolution

3.  Find The Time

4.  [1978] The Theory of Interstellar Trade : [2012] Quantum Economics & Finance?

5.  Lessons from History’s Most Persistent Loser


Music inspiration match:

1.  Brun Subterrenean Groove

2.  Daedalus


Atelier M: Welcome

Welcome to Atelier M.  I am Michael Yusufidis.  Free Designer.


Explorer of the Heavens. Design Jockey & Simulation Artist. Fit for purpose. Non-traditional. It’s called legacy for a reason. Experienced in orchestrating Enterprise capabilities, creating unified and adoptable solutions.

Emotional Intelligence shapes the evolution of a unified mindset.