Disruption => Distraction => Danger Will Robinson!

👀 OI 🕳🐇 Disruption is a moment in time. Open Innovation is timeless. Choose wisely.

(Late night Open Innovation vibes, research and 🕳 🐇 – Thought tails…ahem…trails, tracks, whatever…RESEARCH – yup, that)

Disruption is on the tip of everybody’s 👅. Rightfully so, it’s become, memetic and routine. It holds, absolutely no value, because we’re seeing people point to it all the time, and then, well, a distraction comes along and all is forgotten, a mystery machine (as in ScoobyDoo – Mystery Inc gang, feeling Scrappy yet?). It’s become both abstract and mainstream (yup, oxymoron), an intellectual Scooby snack, to say the least. Next time you hear someone say disrupt, YELL BOO 👻 OUT LOUD! It’s worth that much. Disruption is not dangerous, it’s an excuse to walk away from rolling up sleeves and addressing real problems by way of distraction and avoidance. It’s a lie, no where close to an excuse. Open Innovation (OI) addresses that problem. OI is an innovation management technique that purposefully counters status quo imagination and ideation, by striking down intellectual boundaries. It’s a behavioural mindset, one that runs ever so close to counter culture (subculture), in essence a lifestyle. It’s not something you can lead, it’s something you embrace and hold onto for your dear life, it’s that rare. Very few people have the courage to let go, let alone embrace. I’m looking for the latter. 👻, welcome to MY OI’verse.

Scooby snack time ✌️

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